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4 Customer Service Roles You Can Apply for Right Now

Customer service and success (CS) roles are vital to an organization's growth efforts to retain current customers and make sure new customers are satisfied. They also greatly impact the customer experience and in a competitive digital landscape, customer service can serve as a differentiator for a company or brand. Working in CS gives you an incredible opportunity to develop a human connection with people and work hand-in-hand with your team to create direct impact at an organization. Plus - CS roles allow for companies to gain valuable access to customer insights that can benefit the growth of the company.

Here are 3 customer service roles that are looking for hard-working, talented people that YOU can apply for RIGHT NOW!

1. VIP Lead Customer Support Agent at Dapper Labs

Dapper Labs “uses the power of play to deliver blockchain-based experiences that are made for you and ready for the world,” and they are looking for a VIP Lead Customer Support Agent to join their team! You can find out more about this full-time position here!

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2. Customer Service Lead at Three Ships Beauty

Three Ships Beauty is a female-founded startup that creates beauty products that are effective, natural, and affordable. They are hiring a Customer Service Lead to support the needs of their customers and community. This position is full-time. Find out more about the job opportunity here!

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3. Customer Care Community Manager at Verb

Verb’s team of millennial women makes salon-quality hair care without the cost. They are currently hiring a Customer Care Community Manager to take on Verb’s social media platforms and maintain customer relationships and satisfaction. The role is split, 50% social media and 50% customer care representative. This position is full-time. Find out more about the job opportunity here!

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4. Customer Experience Manager, Setup & Permissions at Slack

Slack is the backbone to many teams across the globe (including Connexa’s!). They are currently hiring for a Customer Experience Manager, Setup & Permissions! This full-time position will have you leading a distributed team responsible for bringing Slack’s legendary customer support to the administrators driving Slack within their organization. Find out more about the job opportunity here!

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