The most powerful customer service platform for multiple channels

Connexa was built to give small business owners the power to grow their business while keeping the customer experience personal

View all your channels from one easy panel

Our Story

We live in a digital world and human

connection has never been more

important. Founded in 2020, Connexa is

on a mission to help businesses

maintain a human connection with their customers through a contactless customer service platform while using machine learning to deliver real-time insights.

Our Vision

Our approach is to re-imagine customer service while letting the platform do the hard work. We believe that customers should be able to know that they are not just a number in line, but will always be taken care of.

AI-powered analytics dashboard to help you make better decisions


Connexa is a B2B SaaS platform that has been built using the experiences of end-users (agents and customer support operators) which is reflected in our product design and usability. We're using the latest machine learning models to display insights that management requires to provide a great customer experience!



We provide your business with a simple tool that enables you to make data-driven decisions based on consumer insights derived directly from your customer service data. 

How Connexa works

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Integrate all digital channels in one platform

View your customer messages

Select an inquiry

Respond in seconds

Help your customer

You can choose from a template from the notepad feature or a custom response

Submit customer feedback

Forward customer feedback directly to your team

View customer analytics

Understand your customer needs through real-time analytics to make data-driven decisions

"A simple platform that is intuitive and affordable"

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