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3 simple ways to create a positive work environment for your team

Building a small business relies heavily on the nimble, but talented team of workers that are working hard and wearing multiple hats to bring the company vision to life. Fostering a positive work environment for your employees is important when it comes to building a business.

Here are 3 simple ways to to create a positive work environment for your team:

1. Conduct regular check-ins and they don’t have to be work related

Employees want to know that they are supported and heard - inside and outside of work. Make sure to send that message in your Slack channel or stop by a team member’s desk to ask about their weekend. Follow up with people and show that you care. A little can go a long way.

Here’s a template we use at Connexa to check in how team members are feeling:

2. Offer learning opportunities

Work shouldn’t have to be a get in, get out timeless loop. By offering new learning opportunities to your employees, such as skill-sharing sessions, or company guest speakers, you are providing your team value that stretches beyond what they can provide to your business.

At Connexa, we’ve had a mindfulness coach, industry leaders, and personal finance experts share their tips with the team.

3. Make your work environment comfortable

Employees can’t do their best work in spaces that are uncomfortable or inaccessible to them. If you are a remote team, extend the offer to allow your employees to turn off their camera, as we all know the exhaustion of zoom fatigue. Or, if you are in the office, collaborate with your team on what desks they prefer to work and what dress code would be appropriate and comfortable for everyone.

A positive, healthy work environment comes from working together and being empathic. Let’s strive for a world where all work environments are more collaborative and fulfilling, one step at a time.

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