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Connexa's Toolkit for Common SMB Problems

Connexa strives to help small businesses evolve and grow by helping them stay connected with their customers. Long-term sustainable growth comes from maximizing the lifetime value of current customers and that’s why we built Connexa - to help SMBs reach their customer satisfaction and retention goals

In this article, we will be illustrating the problems we’ve observed from interviewing many SMBs over the past few months and demonstrating how we’ve built a platform to solve them. Connexa was built to enable businesses to grow with customer feedback insights! Let us prove it to you.

Problem #1: Business owners don't have the luxury of having ample spare time

SMB founders are busy as it is. Many don’t have buckets of spare time on their hands, so finding time to respond to customers is difficult. This leaves customers feeling unheard and SMB founders stressed

Connexa's Solution: Connexa helps you cut down on time while increasing quality responses

  • It'll take only a few minutes to go through all your social media and sales channels to speak with your customers

  • It takes seconds to reply to customer inquiries for each channel

  • You can view all channel statistics based on 3 categories: messages “done”, “pending”, and “open” - so you can keep track of all your customer inquiries without having to label it yourself

  • Our Notepad message templates save you 2 minutes it would normally take to respond to repetitive messages

Problem #2: There is a tough learning curve for customer service systems

SMBs are often faced with either learning complicated customer service platforms or dealing with many communication channels at once. Both options are messy and confusing.

Connexa's Solution: Connexa is accessible and user friendly

  • View all your communication channels* in one panel

    • *communication channels = Gmail, Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, etc.

  • Simple dashboard to see your customer analytics, using AI-powered technology

Problem #3: It's hard to track reoccurring customer issues

Without the ability to track reoccurring customer issues, it is hard for SMBs to know where to focus their efforts in making the customer experience better

Connexa's Solution: Connexa provides an AI-powered dashboard that empowers businesses to make data driven decisions to improve their products/services

*This allows customer service agents to recognize trends in problems and give more attention to those issues

Connexa was built to enable businesses to grow with customer feedback insights. To learn more about Connexa, join our early sign up list today at !

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